Puerto Plata

Been meaning to post these pics and many more from my trip to the Dominican Republic. I spent my birthday weekend
with my friends in Puerto Plata, a calm lush town that has more to offer than we could pack into 5 days. I always loved Dominicans
and their culture, but now I can officially say I’m obsessed. The food, people, the kindness and the general relaxed spirit. I will be coming back
and exploring different parts of this beautiful island. This is just one of my easy lounge looks that I eventually stripped off and stayed swiming
in the water. Snorkeling was one of our first activities but to get there we rode horses to a hidden coral reef. I rode an albino pony named Bino, with
eyes bluer than the sky. Which was such a coincidence because I dreamt of riding a white horse the night before… The experience was slightly surreal
as our group of horses galloped through the waves along the shore. I didn’t think about taking a picture was too caught in the moment.

On a more current note…I recently launched The Beau Shop and the response has been good. I was really nervous that no one would buy anything,
but so far so good. I can’t wait to show you guys the next Beau pieces I have set to launch and the collabs! I’ve said too much, stay tuned.


Hat & pants- Zara, Tank- Club Monaco, Jewelry- The BEAU and MRSF, white shorts- souvenir shop.  Photos – Jesus Baez

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